About The Crazy Girl Giving up Chocolate

Hi! I’m Louise*

I’m a chocoholic. I love it, it loves me. However, our relationship is unhealthy. Well, that’s what the professionals say/claim. Except that my favourite is dark chocolate, and that’s the one with the least amount of sugar and fat and yet is still packed with the ever-popular antioxidants, right? So maybe I don’t need to do this?

No, I need to do this because I want to rule chocolate, not the other way around!

So I’ve decided to chronicle my journey, which will undoubtedly feature withdrawal, craving, and at least one round of PMS without chocolate to save everyone around me from my raging b**chitis (“RBI”). I think it will be a fun read for you, and ultimately a satisfying journey for me.

Figured I’d write that down so that by Day 3 I can remind myself why I’m torturing myself.

Thanks for tagging along!

*Not my real name. Duh. As if I’d actually tell people who know me I’m giving up chocolate. That would ruin the fun/pain and suffering they’ll experience as the cocoa beans drain from my blood stream.



Thoughts? Advice? Chocolate recipes to share?

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